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Woodwork and Carpentry Courses

June 13, 2023

We’ve learned that there are distinct differences between woodworking and carpentry, and some similarities. Whether you are a hobbyist or ready for a career opportunity, we recommend learning about the different options in educational resources and courses necessary to pursue each path. We briefly discussed a few resources in our last article, so let’s further explore your choices for each industry.


We’ve stated how woodworking offers hobbyists and career enthusiasts the opportunity to work hands-on with wood. There are ample opportunities to fine-tune this craft, as it dates back to our ancestors with plenty of history. We also know that thanks to the accomplishments of CNC machinery and other various power tools, this well-known industry produces many items we use every day.
Within this article, you’ll find information on courses, apprenticeships, and membership opportunities within the AWI network and others. We strive to provide the best educational opportunities. Primary education for a woodworker may include learning about the types of woods, natural and synthetic, what types are best for which projects, etc. These are keynotes for either a hobbyist, wood artist, or woodworker.

As with any new endeavor, learning the tools of the trade is essential for growth and advancement. With us, you can count on various opportunities for woodworking skills while learning hand and power tools.
If you’ve found our website but are looking for various opportunities (wherever that may be), you can find a few resources throughout the woodworking communities.

  • Woodcraft is one of the nation’s oldest woodworking tools and material suppliers. They started in 1928 in Boston, MA. They offered printed catalogs for tradespeople and businesses to purchase their items and now provide their online site for purchases. You can find everything you’d like to purchase– from hand to power tools to wood and finishing tools–everything a hobbyist or woodworker would need.
    If you want to take a local course from Woodcraft, you can view their local opportunities through their state list.
  • Free Online Woodworking is a YouTube-based, go-with-the-flow hobbyist woodworking platform where content creators can explore various tools and projects taught through videos. They provide a variety of tutorials on hand tools, materials, and joinery. If you remember, we discussed joinery before. All these projects and tutorials are free to use and watch. It’s a fantastic resource for beginners and hobbyists.
  • Udemy is a ‘learn anything’ course platform where you can select various categories and purchase simple to intense courses. You can increase your skills in many hobbies or professions. This, however, is not a degree or occupational certification, so keep that in mind when purchasing courses here.
  • Universities and colleges across America offer various in-person woodworking courses and apprenticeships. Check out your local city and state education systems to find out more.

Of course, we offer our industry-leading seminars and programs. You can check out our Quality Certification Programs for more education information.


Carpentry is more occupationally based than a hobby for most individuals. Most people think of a carpenter as a handyperson, especially a do-it-all person. Though carpenters have many skills and are well-equipped to do many tasks, they need on-the-job training and proven career skills. Upon research, there needs to be more information on hobbyist carpenters. You’ll find an abundance of training programs catering to this industry.


Very similar to woodworking, carpenters use hand and power tools to work on their projects. Terminology and uses of these tools will still be similar per each trade. However, a carpenter can only work so far in the industry if they only know basic tools and functions. Enhanced training in woodworking opens doors to higher-paying jobs and lucrative career opportunities.

Explore local carpentry courses and apprenticeships beyond our site with our curated list of global resources.

If you’re ready to elevate your woodworking and carpentry skills, consider joining of AWI.