AWI 100 - Submittals

3.1 General Requirements

a) This standard is written with the metric system of measurement followed by the U.S. Customary System of measurement in brackets.

b) The system of measurement used in the project’s original contract documents and architectural drawings will dictate which system of measurement within this standard is used for verification of compliance.

c) The U.S. Customary measurement is typically a “soft” conversion of the metric measurement. In order to make the metric number more conceptually coherent and consistent, most conversions for less than 152.4 mm [6″] in dimension are “soft” converted to the nearest 0.1 mm. For measurements above 152.4 mm [6″], the “soft” value is converted to the nearest 1 mm.

d) Where conflicts exist within this standard, the least restrictive requirement shall prevail.

e) The following submittal requirements shall be met unless a project’s contract documents indicate otherwise.