AWI Standards

StandardsAWI 100 - Submittals

AWI 100 - Submittals

3.4 Design Professional Responsibility

a) Individuals tasked with review of  should be familiar with Product fabrication and have an understanding or working knowledge of the referenced standard as well as the design concept. If not submitted electronically, two printed copies are required for review. After review, one marked copy shall be returned to the general contractor or manufacturer/supplier within 10 days.

b) Shop drawings shall be submitted for review and approval to the general contractor prior to being forwarded to the design professional.

c) The design professional is responsible for compliance with building codes and local regulation, not the manufacturer/supplier and/or .

d) Subject to shop drawing approval, design professionals may allow the reuse of a portion of the contract documents in the creation of shop drawings at the start of the project.

e) It is the responsibility of the design professional to promptly review, clarify, comment on or correct, and return submittals in such sequence as to cause no delay in the work.

f) The design professional shall provide a sample of the desired finish (suggested minimum of 127 mm [5”] x 203 mm [8”]) indicating the color, , and/or transparency, as applicable.

g) Dependent on contract relationship, it is the responsibility of the design professional or general contractor to communicate design and field changes to all parties.

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