ANSI/AWI 1232-2022 - Manufactured Wood Casework

5.2 Design Professional Responsibilities

a) Examine product technical data sheets to determine if material performance (e.g. scratch and wear resistance) is appropriate for project.

5.2.1 Requirement Specifications

a) Glass type, thickness, and edge treatment of glass shelving.

b) Door and drawer front Interface style.

c) Door and drawer front edge profile.

d) finish.

e) Grain direction, if other than vertical.

f) Interior clearance.

g) Seismic fabrication and/or installation.

h) Flame spread rating.

i) Moisture resistance.

j) Insulation from heating and cooling sources.

k) Hardware. Wood Casework

a) Species of .

b) Method of slicing (plain, quarter, rift, or rotary).

c) Matching of veneer leaves (book, slip, or random).

d) Matching of veneer leaves within the face of a .

e) Matching between doors, drawers, and (non-sequenced, sequenced, or blueprint).

f) End matching.

g) Grain direction, if other than vertical.