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StandardsANSI/AWI 0400-2022 - Factory Finishing

ANSI/AWI 0400-2022 - Factory Finishing

3.3 Structural

a) Structural, when applied to finishing technologies, refers to performance evaluation and characteristics.

3.3.1 Performance Evaluation

a) This section is designed to determine the performance of a finishing technology’s topcoat.

b) Finishing technologies not listed in the Performance Characteristics table below shall be tested in accordance with AWI Test Methodologies CR-1 and AR-1 (latest editions) to determine performance values.

3.3.2 Performance Characteristics

* Denotes finishing technologies identified by the Window and Door Manufacturing Association (WDMA) as applicable to doors addressed in ANSI WDMA I.S.1A and I.S.6A standards.**TR – Transparent, OP – OpaqueAWI acknowledges the table above as historical data established through industry use of previous AWI standards. Furthermore, it is intentional that the revised  list in CR-1 test method varies from the list above in order to collect and establish new data, allowing for emerging technologies.

Notes for Performance Characteristics table:
Testing was evaluated in an ISO 9000-certified laboratory using the following ASTM test criteria: Chemical Resistance Testing – ASTM D1308 (latest edition), Wear Index – Abrasion Resistance Testing – ASTM D4060 (latest edition).

Baseline data for application prior to testing:
• 45-55%  at 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit
• Water-borne coatings must be cured in a dehumidified atmosphere and can be assisted with infrared light and good air movement.

Performance characteristic numbers are used, with the following definitions for chemical resistance and wear index – :

5 – No effect from the test.
4 – Minimal effect or  change and little repair required.
3 – Some effect; noticeable change, and the coating will recover with minimal .
2 – Moderate effect, performance adversely affected and repairs required.
1 – Poor performance and film failure is imminent and repairs are difficult.

Optimum Climate Controlled Relative Humidity table