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StandardsANSI/AWI 0400-2022 - Factory Finishing

ANSI/AWI 0400-2022 - Factory Finishing

3.1 General

a) The following requirements shall govern unless a project’s contract documents require otherwise.

b) Should a conflict be discovered within this standard, the least restrictive requirement shall prevail.

c) Before the start of finishing, entity responsible for applying Product shall determine and report any condition that might affect proper finish application.

d) Filled  pore finish is only required if so specified.

e) Unless otherwise indicated, requirements apply equally to all performance duty levels/aesthetic s.

f) Any term used herein that is defined by the AWI Glossary uses only that definition for conformance to this standard.

3.1.1 Measurements

a) This standard is written with the metric system of measurement followed by the U.S. Customary System of measurement in brackets.

b) The system of measurement used in the project’s original contract documents and architectural drawings will dictate which system of measurement within these standards is used for verification of compliance.

c) The U.S. Customary measurement is typically a “soft” conversion of the metric measurement. In order to make the metric number more conceptually coherent and consistent, most conversions for less than 152.4 mm [6”] in dimension are “soft” converted to the nearest 0.1 mm. For measurements above 152.4 mm [6”], the “soft” value is converted to the nearest 1 mm.

d) “Inconspicuous”, when used in this standard, means not readily visible under specified lighting conditions without careful inspection at a distance of:

Premium Custom Economy
610 mm [24″] 1219 mm [48″] 1829 mm [72″]

3.1.2 Samples

a) Samples shall be submitted and approved as required by AWI 100 – Submittals (latest edition).

3.1.3 Default Performance Requirements

a) Product shall comply with the following minimum default:

  • Aesthetic Performance: the grade of the item being finished.

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