ANSI/AWI 1236-2022 - Countertops

5.0 Supplemental Information

5.1 Glossary

a) The Architectural Woodwork Institute Glossary can be found at: Click Here

5.2 Design Professional Responsibilities

5.2.1 Requirement Specifications

a) Accessories, cutouts, and locations.

b) Supports/bracket placement, quantity, and type.

c) Grain or pattern direction.

d) Chemical resistant finish or surfaces.

e) Flame spread rating.

f) Moisture resistance.

g) Seismic fabrication and/or installation.

h) Insulation from adjacent heating and cooling sources.

i) Removable components.

5.2.2 Wood Specifications

a) Species

b) Overall finished thickness

c) Finish System Number or Finish Technology

d) Grain direction Solid Wood

a) Work surface orientation; flat grain, edge grain, or end grain. Veneered Wood

a) Method of slicing (plain, quarter, rift, or rotary).

b) Matching of veneer leaves within the face of a countertop (i.e. book, slip, custom).

c) End matching.

d) Core type.

5.3 Surface Categories

5.3.1 Exposed

a) All visible surfaces of an installed countertop

b) The exposed underside surface, greater than 1067 mm [42”] above the finished floor.

5.3.2 Concealed

a) The underside of countertops that are 1067 mm [42”] or less above the finished floor.

b) All non-visible surfaces attached to and/or covered by another surface.

c) All non-visible blocking, spacers, etc., used for attachment.

5.4 References

a) AWI 100 – Submittals Standard (latest edition)

b) AWI 200 – Care & Storage Standard (latest edition)

c) AWI 300 – Materials Standard (latest edition)

d) ANSI/AWI 0400 – Factory Finishing (latest edition)

e) ANSI/AWI 0620 – Finish Carpentry/Installation Standard (latest edition)

f) ISO 4586-3 (HPL, ) (latest edition)

g) ANSI/HPVA HP-1  American National Standard for Hardwood and Decorative Plywood (latest edition)

h) ASTM D1037 (latest edition)