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Get your manufacturing business on the path to success with AWI. We offer a comprehensive range of resources, from industry standards that ensure top-tier quality to networking opportunities that connect you with like-minded professionals. With AWI, you'll have the support and tools to excel, innovate, and keep your manufacturing business at the forefront of the architectural woodwork industry.
Membership Dues: Annual Manufacturing Membership dues are based on the manufacturing company's gross annual sales*
Annual Dues
$1980 USD
$990 USD
Gross Annual Sales
Sales over $500,000
Sales under $500,000**

*Architectural woodwork sales as defined for dues purposes means: Total sales of exterior and interior woodwork, panel work, partition work, casework and fixtures as supplied or manufactured for all types of buildings. All components and related services performed by an AWI member thereto are included, which are further identified as including wood, metal, laminates, plastics, fabrics, glass, doors, windows, hardware, design work, finishing and installation. Each declaration shall further include total sales of all plants operating under a single entity.

**All manufacturing companies with gross annual sales under $500,000 must additionally complete and submit an AWI Small Business Program application form with membership application.

What’s Included in the Membership
AWI Logo Usage Rights
Boost your company’s visibility by having your profile shown in the AWI member portal.
AWI Website Feature
Boost your company’s visibility by having your profile shown in the AWI member portal.
Magazine Feature
Advertise your company in Design Solutions Magazine, AWI’s flagship quarterly magazine that’s distributed to 7,000 architects across North America.
Partner and Exhibitor Opportunities
Elevate your profile among AWI members by exhibiting or becoming an AWI annual corporate Partner or sponsor at a professional development event or annual convention.
Entry to AWI’s Award of Excellence Program
Participate in our Award of Excellence program and have your outstanding work and contributions to the woodwork industry recognized and published in the Design Solutions Magazine.

Who Should Sign Up

Manufacturing businesses involved in architectural woodwork and related industries should consider signing up for AWI membership. This includes but is not limited to:
1. Woodwork / Millwork Shops
Businesses involved in crafting architectural millwork, including moldings, trim, and decorative elements.General woodworking shops that offer a range of services related to architectural woodwork production.
3. Cabinetmakers
Craftsmen and companies skilled in making custom cabinets and cabinetry.
5. Specialty Woodwork Manufacturers
Businesses that specialize in unique or niche woodwork products, such as historic restoration work or themed interior design.
2. Wood Component Manufacturers
Firms specializing in designing and manufacturing wooden staircases and balustrades.
4. Staircase Manufacturers
Businesses that focus on producing specific wood components, such as doors, panels, and frames.
These manufacturing businesses, regardless of their size or specialization, can benefit from AWI membership to enhance their skills, access industry standards, network with peers, and gain exposure in the architectural woodwork community.

How It Works

Create a
User Profile.
Fill out the
application form.
Pay the
membership fee.
Wait for the confirmation
email from AWI.
Start your AWI

Please allow 3-5 business days for your application to be reviewed. You will receive a confirmation when your membership is approved. Your new membership materials will be shipped once approved. Additional shipping charges will be applied for any membership outside the United States.
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