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How does AWI Membership benefit woodworkers?

April 11, 2023

Woodworkers who have perfected their craft and delivered the highest-quality craftsmanship results deserve to be supported in their trade and distinguished from their competitors.

The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) creates and sets national standards for superior quality assurance, providing woodworking professionals a seal of approval that sets them apart from their competitors. Additionally, AWI helps keep members compliant, provides opportunities for further education, and offers invaluable networking events connecting woodworkers to partners and customers.

At AWI, woodworkers can expect a family environment full of like-minded people who support each other and spur each other to succeed.

AWI Membership: What is it?

AWI is a professional organization that serves the architectural woodwork industry. Its members include architectural woodwork manufacturers, suppliers, design professionals, and industry-related organizations.

Our association is committed to promoting excellence in woodworking craftsmanship, providing education and training opportunities for woodworkers, and representing the industry’s interests in North America and abroad. Joining AWI gains you access to a wealth of industry resources, customer connections, training and certification programs, and networking opportunities.

Unified industry standards that keep everyone speaking the same language

As in any industry, everyone benefits when there is a common language and understanding of the woodworking industry standard. AWI levels the playing field among competitors and establishes customer expectations by solidifying the standards used in all woodworking projects. These standards allow everyone to use the same terminology and make apples-to-apples comparisons when it comes to the end result a woodworking company provides.

Our standards are not decided upon by a few people in a vacuum. AWI standards are to public review and comment during development and are the culmination of what woodworking businesses want and need in order to do business better.

Woodworkers resource library: access to industry resources

AWI members have access to an easy-to-use educational portal complete with technical standards, design guides, and project management resources that can help woodworkers deliver high-quality projects that meet the industry’s standards.

Turning a woodworking craft into a business is a feat. Our resources don’t stop at woodworking, but continue to project management, financial resources, networking events, and more. We also provide members access to various tools and resources that can help them streamline their workflows, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line. Whether it’s access to a library of technical documents or a suite of project management tools, AWI membership provides woodworkers with the resources they need to succeed.

Woodworker certification programs and training

Another critical benefit of AWI membership is access to training and woodworker certification programs. We offer a range of educational programs and workshops to help woodworkers develop their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

AWI also provides a range of certification programs to help woodworkers demonstrate their expertise in the field. For example, the AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP) provides a means for woodworkers to prove that they meet the industry’s standards for quality craftsmanship.

What is QCP certification? A valuable credential that can help woodworkers differentiate themselves from their competition and win new business.

Your QCP License enables you to gain access to high-value project opportunities that have been specified for QCP certification, ensures positive outcomes in interior architectural woodwork projects, receives backing and verification of project execution through experienced inspectors, and market your qualifications and commitment to quality work.

Local chapters and networking opportunities

Joining AWI opens up ample opportunities to attend a wide variety of networking events that will help you connect with industry professionals, including manufacturers, suppliers, and design professionals. This network can help woodworkers stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, develop new business relationships, and collaborate on projects. AWI also hosts a range of events, including conferences and trade shows, that provide members with additional opportunities to network with their peers.

In addition to national-level events, AWI has dozens of local chapters across North America that allow you to connect with partners and customers that make the most geographic sense for your business. Getting involved in a local chapter is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your circle of connections and, therefore, your business.

Connect directly with customers who are ready to hire you today

Many of our members fill their books with customers they connect directly through AWI. Instead of chasing down leads, returning endless requests for proposals, and increasing your marketing and advertising budget, AWI offers an environment to connect with serious customers quickly.
Once you’re part of the AWI family, opportunities to collaborate with other industry professionals and offer your services and expertise increase exponentially. Instead of tracking down every single job, you’ll likely have job opportunities coming to you.

Taking the next step: Join AWI today

In conclusion, AWI membership provides woodworkers with various benefits that can help you succeed in the architectural woodwork industry. From access to industry resources and training programs to valuable networking opportunities, AWI membership is an investment in a woodworker’s future. If you’re a woodworker looking to take your skills to the next level, consider joining the AWI today.

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