Upholding Excellence and Integrity in Historic Architectural Woodwork Restoration

AWI Historic Restoration

Setting the Benchmark for Historical Architectural Woodwork Restoration

Embracing the responsibility to protect and celebrate our architectural cultural heritage, AWI stands at the forefront of historic restoration. We recognize that these structures are more than mere buildings; they are reservoirs of history and culture, offering invaluable insights and connecting us to our collective past. Through our commitment to excellence and authenticity in restoration, AWI ensures that the intrinsic value of each historic property is not only preserved but also highlighted, allowing these architectural gems to continue telling their stories for years to come.

AWI's Comprehensive Approach to Architectural Woodwork Preservation

By following this methodology, professionals involved in the restoration of historic architectural woodwork can ensure that their work respects and preserves the historical integrity of the property while adhering to high standards of quality and craftsmanship.
Assessment and Planning
Specification Development
Material and Workmanship Standards
Restoration and Repair Process
Installation Requirements
Quality Control and Compliance
AWI's Commitment to Preserving and Enhancing Historical Architectural Woodwork
AWI's work in providing standards for historic restoration is crucial for preserving cultural heritage, ensuring high-quality restoration work, and promoting sustainable, informed, and legally compliant practices in the field of architectural woodwork.
Preserving Historical Integrity
AWI's standards help ensure that the restoration work maintains the original character and aesthetic of the historic property. By providing detailed guidelines on materials, workmanship, and techniques, AWI helps protect the authenticity of historic buildings, which is crucial for cultural preservation and historical research.
Ensuring Quality and Consistency
The standards set forth by AWI serve as a benchmark for quality in architectural woodwork. This helps in maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship, ensuring that restoration projects are carried out with attention to detail and adherence to traditional techniques and materials.
Providing Clear Guidelines
AWI's comprehensive documentation offers clear and detailed guidelines for every aspect of the restoration process, from assessment and planning to material selection, execution, and finishing. This helps architects, contractors, and restorers in making informed decisions and applying best practices throughout the project.
Promoting Sustainable Practices
By emphasizing the use of appropriate and environmentally friendly materials and methods, AWI's standards encourage sustainable restoration practices. This not only helps in preserving the historic structures but also contributes to the conservation of resources and minimizes the environmental impact.
Facilitating Regulatory Compliance
Historic restoration often involves navigating complex regulations and standards set by local, state, or federal authorities. AWI's standards align with the guidelines provided by authoritative bodies like the U.S. Department of the Interior, ensuring that restoration projects comply with legal requirements and receive the necessary approvals.
Encouraging Education and Skills Development
Through its detailed guidelines and standards, AWI fosters a deeper understanding of traditional architectural woodwork and craftsmanship. This encourages the development and transmission of specialized skills, ensuring that the knowledge required for high-quality restoration is preserved and passed on to future generations.
Enhancing Property Value
Properly restored historic buildings not only retain but can also increase in value. AWI's standards help ensure that restoration work is done correctly and sympathetically, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal and financial value of a property.

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