Shaping Future Woodworking Leaders through Scholarships

At the heart of AWI's legacy is a commitment to fostering the next generation of woodworking professionals. Through the Architectural Woodwork Institute Education Foundation (AWIEF), our scholarships are a testament to this dedication, designed to support passionate students pursuing excellence in the woodworking industry.

Why Scholarships Matter

The journey of a woodworking professional begins with a solid educational foundation. Scholarships are pivotal in this journey, ensuring financial constraints don't hinder talent and ambition. By offering scholarships, the Architectural Woodwork Institute Education Foundation (AWIEF) helps to:

Promote Excellence
Recognizing and supporting students who showcase exceptional skills and a deep passion for woodworking.
Bridge Theory and Practice
Ensuring students have the resources to complement their academic knowledge with practical experiences.
Cultivate Innovation
Encouraging students to explore new techniques, materials, and technologies in woodworking.
Promote Excellence
AWIEF tailors scholarships to students representing our ethos, a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship. To qualify:
You must be a student in an accredited woodworking or related program.
Show a strong passion and dedication to the woodworking industry.
Demonstrate academic excellence and clearly envision your future in the industry.
Acceptable Use of Funds
AWIEF allocates funds to a yearly scholarship fund, ensuring deserving students receive the support they need. The scholarships cover:
Tuition fees for woodworking courses or programs.
Materials and resources necessary for practical projects.

Application Process & Deadlines

Embarking on the AWIEF scholarship journey is a testament to a student's commitment to the woodworking craft. The process is as follows:
Nominate a Student

* The nomination for this cycle is closed.
Stay tuned for updates!

November 1-January 31
Send in your application for the scholarship.
February 1-February 14
We will then evaluate your application.
Once the evaluation process is complete, we will make an official announcement of the scholarship recipients.

Applicants must submit academic transcripts, a letter of recommendation, and a personal essay detailing their passion and vision for woodworking.
The Nomination Process
Nominating a deserving student for an AWIEF scholarship is a straightforward process. You can set a student on a path to a brighter future in the woodworking industry by taking just a few short minutes.
How to Nominate:

Initiate the Process
Complete Part 1 of the Nomination Application and craft a Letter of Recommendation detailing why your student is a deserving candidate for the scholarship.
Forward the completed Nomination Application and the Letter of Recommendation.
Student's Role:
The nominated student must complete Parts 2 and 3 of the Nomination Application and submit it as per the form's guidelines.
Please submit all applications and accompanying documents before the January 31 deadline. For any queries or clarifications regarding the nomination process, please get in touch with Doug Hague.
Nominate a Student

* The nomination for this cycle is closed.
Stay tuned for updates!

Join the Legacy

AWIEF's scholarships are more than just financial aid; they're an invitation to join a rich legacy of woodworking excellence. We encourage every aspiring woodworking professional to apply and shape the industry's future.
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