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At AWI, education stands as a foundational pillar. For over 70 years, we've championed the woodworking industry by setting standards and ensuring our members are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate its evolving demands and challenges.

Through our dedication to education, we consistently empower woodworking professionals at every level with the latest insights, advanced techniques, and best industry practices.

Flexible Learning Tailored to Your Needs

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Learn On The Go
Our platform is fully optimized for mobile devices, making it effortless to access courses anytime and anywhere. Embrace the convenience of 24/7 learning, no matter where your journey takes you.
Latest Industry Techniques
The woodworking industry is ever-evolving, and our experts ensure the portal's content remains current. Members can trust that they're learning the latest trends, tools, and techniques that are shaping the industry's future.
Comprehensive Content
Explore our platform to discover courses covering eight core areas of interior architectural woodworking. Dive deep into topics ranging from submittals and materials to casework with our intuitive search function.
Engage with Experts
Engage and interact with other construction industry professionals via our community forums. This platform offers a unique opportunity to share experiences, seek advice, and discuss best practices, making it an invaluable membership benefit.

Tailored Training for Every Layer of Your Company

The woodworking industry is multifaceted, and so is every organization within it. From the visionary leaders at the helm to the dedicated workers on the floor, AWI recognizes the importance of nurturing every stratum of a company's structure.
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Company Leaders and Executives:
Access courses that delve into strategic planning, industry forecasting, and leadership nuances tailored for the woodworking domain.
Middle Management and Supervisors
Strengthen your team management skills, project oversight, and workflow optimization techniques to bridge the gap between vision and execution.
Project Managers and Coordinators
Grasp comprehensive insights into resource allocation, client liaison, and milestone tracking to ensure every project mirrors excellence.
Designers and Engineers
Familiarize yourself with the latest in design trends, material innovations, and software tools to keep your creations cutting-edge.
Craftsmen and Artisans
Refine your techniques with hands-on tutorials, material handling lessons, and safety protocols to ensure mastery in your craft.

Unlock Industry Insights with AWI's Curated Seminar Sessions

Our seminars are a testament to our commitment to continuous learning. These are designed to connect our community with industry pioneers and thought leaders.
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Direct Interaction
Engage with seasoned experts, ask questions, and seek clarifications on the spot, fostering a richer learning experience.
Diverse Topics
Each seminar covers a wide range of subjects, from innovative woodworking techniques to emerging industry trends, ensuring relevancy and practical application.
Networking Opportunities
Beyond learning, our seminars are an excellent platform to mingle with fellow professionals, creating potential collaborations and partnerships.
Hands-On Demonstrations
Witness live demonstrations, offering a practical perspective on theories and allowing for immediate skills application.
Latest Industry Updates
Stay updated with what's new and evolving in the woodworking industry, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

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