Spotlighting AWI Members

Award-Winning Craftsmanship

At AWI, we believe in celebrating excellence, dedication, and the unwavering commitment of our members.

Our awards are nationally recognized honors that celebrate individuals and projects making monumental contributions to the woodworking industry, all while maintaining the esteemed standards of AWI.

The Charles A. Rinehimer Award

This award stands as the pinnacle of recognition within AWI. It honors those whose long-time service and outstanding achievements have profoundly shaped AWI into the esteemed association it is today.
Nomination Process:
The AWI Chair, Immediate Past Chair, and Vice Chair nominate deserving individuals. The Board of Directors must then unanimously approve the nomination.
William Munyan 


Phil Duvic  


Michael Bell


Scott Nelson


William Munyan 


Stan Robuck 


William Winter


Michael Bell


Robert Morency


Rob Ziegelmeier


John Mielach


Louis Dietz 


W.T Sutherland


Norman Vaughn


R.H. Loll

The Claude V. Twiellenmeier Award

Dedicated to AWI Chapter leaders, this award celebrates outstanding leadership and unwavering dedication to an AWI Chapter. The COC volunteer leadership and AWI executive leadership nominate individuals, with the winner determined by a majority vote.

The AWI Chair's Award

This award is a special recognition given at the discretion of the current AWI chair. It celebrates long-serving volunteers who have consistently showcased leadership and the spirit of volunteerism and have been role models within the AWI community.

Honorary Life Member (HLM)

The HLM award recognizes individuals who have dedicated their careers to AWI, championing its mission and serving its members. HLM recipients are nominated by their AWI peers.

Jerry Allen

Eldredge Leeming

Lee Biagiotti*

John Leininger

Steve Bialek

Bud Lundahl

Michael Bell

Matt Lundahl

Jay Blankenship

Teresa McCain

Joseph Bossen

Mickey McCoy

Ed Brewer

Dave Mengler*

Gerald Brewer

John Mielach*

Carl Bullmore*

Doug Mock

Lloyd Burton*

Albert Morante*

Doug Carney

William Munyan

Bruce Cody

Scott Nelson

Whitney Coombs

Ed Nolan*

Kristine Cox

Rick Ohlson*

Dick Currie*

Marlin Olsen*

Yves DesMarais

Lou Dietz*

Phil Duvic

Wendell Ellsworth

Clete Ernster*

Randy Estabrook

Paul Fetzer

Margaret Fisher

John Halpin

James Hamilton, Sr.*

William Hanselman

Greg Heuer

Frank Huschitt, Sr.*

Kirsten Ingham

Randy Jensen

Craig Johnson

Ken Kamien

Rick Kogler

Ned Kreider

Bob Krejci


HLM Qualifications

Past AWI Chairs, ten years removed from office, are automatically nominated annually.

A minimum of ten years of voluntary service to AWI at the national level.

Exceptional leadership and dedication to AWI's mission.


Nomination Process

AWI members submit nominations. The Board of Directors then approves the nominee through a majority vote.


HLM recipients enjoy a lifetime individual membership, recognition on the AWI website, and discounted rates for AWI events. Their spouse or domestic partner also receives these event discounts.

Standard of Excellence Award

This award highlights the premier architectural woodwork projects. Chosen from the Award of Excellence Program winners, these projects exemplify the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design.


Only projects featuring woodwork by an AWI Manufacturing Member Company qualify. Projects of any size, including interiors, exteriors, or specialty items, are eligible. Architects, designers, suppliers, woodworking firms, or owners can submit projects.
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AWI / Federated Insurance Safety Awards

Safety stands at the core of AWI's values. These awards recognize member firms that prioritize and uphold safety standards in the woodworking industry.

Nomination Process

Winners submit their safety data in the annual survey. An external firm then calculates the results, and AWI presents awards in three categories:

Best Safety Award Achievement:
Recognizes manufacturing member firms with the lowest incident rate in their category hours. Categories range from less than ten thousand hours to more than one hundred thousand hours.

Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award:
Celebrates manufacturers across all categories that report no lost time due to accidents.

Safety Improvement Award:
Honors manufacturers across all categories that have reduced their incident rate from the previous year.


Mike Coticchio
Chicago, IL


Sebastien DesMarais
Hollywood, FL


Tyler Cerny
Traverse City, MI


Michael McNulty
Cranston, RI


Bruce Spitz
El Paso, TX


Kristine Cox
High Point, NC


Greg Lutz
Wylie, TX


Kent Gilchrist
Carmel, IN


Randy Jensen
Auburn, AL


Michael Bell
Nashville, TN

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