Membership FAQ

  • What are the Membership fees? [showhide]
    • Manufacturer — fabricates architectural woodwork
      Annual Dues — Gross Annual Sales
      $2,400.00 USD — sales over $2,000,001
      $1,200.00 USD — sales between $500,001 to $2,000,000
      $ 600.00 USD — sales under $500,000*
      * All manufacturing companies with gross annual sales under $500,000 must additionally complete and submit an AWI Small Business Program Form.

    • Supplier — provides product or service to manufacturing company
      Annual Dues - Gross Annual Sales
      $1,100 USD — sales over $10,000,001
      $ 900 USD — sales between $5,000,001-$10,000,000
      $ 700 USD — sales under $5,000,000

    • Affiliate — architect, GC, or designer
      Affiliate membership dues are $75.00 for the first year and only $25.00 to renew each year thereafter.
  • What are my Username & Password? [showhide]
    TBD once website is created
  • How can I obtain an inspection? [showhide]
    AWI does not provide inspection services. If you would like an inspection, please follow the guidelines below:

    • If there is mention of the Quality Certification Program (with language including labels, certificates, QCP, or AWI Certification) in the specifications, please contact QCC at 1-800-449-8811.

    • If the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) are specified in your project with no reference to QCP, and there is a dispute regarding the quality of the project, you can obtain a third party inspection by contacting an AWI Supplier member that provides woodwork inspections or you can contact QCC at 1-800-449-8811.

    • If there is no reference to QCP or the AWS, please e-mail help@awinet.org.
  • How can I become a Sponsor? [showhide]
    Click here to read about AWI's sponsorship opportunities.
  • How long does it take to process my membership application? [showhide]
    Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your application. You may contact Cassey Gibson, AWI's Membership Manager, at 571-323-3624 if you have any additional questions about becoming a member.
  • If I am located outside the United States, can I become a member or order from your store? [showhide]
    AWI membership and the AWI store are available to customers throughout the world. However, additional shipping charges will apply. You will be contacted by AWI staff with billing options.
  • How will my materials be shipped? [showhide]
    All membership materials are sent using standard shipping (USPS or UPS ground). Please notify AWI Staff at the time of application if you would like your package to be expedited. Additional charges will apply.
  • When does my membership expire or when do I renew? [showhide]
    The Manufacturing or Supplier first year membership payment covers the first 12 consecutive months and must be received in full. Prior to membership expiration, you will receive a prorated invoice placing you on a calendar year billing cycle (Jan-Dec).

    Affiliate membership dues cover one year (twelve consecutive months) of membership from your member start date. Prior to membership expiration, you will receive an invoice for renewal.

Quality Certification Program (QCP) FAQ

  • What is the difference between AWI and QCP? [showhide]
    The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) and the AWI Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) are two separate organizations. QCC administers the Quality Certification Program (QCP). AWI is a trade association, while QCP is a certification program. Certification is not included with membership.

    AWI provides benefits such as marketing, education, and networking; however you must attain an accreditation through QCC by completing steps designed to evaluate the ability to fabricate, finish and/or install woodwork. QCC evaluates woodworking projects based on the industry-wide Architectural Woodwork Standards.

    Architectural woodworking companies can be solely AWI members, solely QCP participants, or both. Although, AWI Manufacturing Members receive a significant discount on QCP fees.

    For more information on the Quality Certification Program, please visit www.awiqcp.org.
  • What are the QCP Fees? [showhide]
    AWI Manufacturing Members receive a significant discount on QCP fees. For more information, please visit the QCP Web site.
  • How do I contact QCP? [showhide]
    • Website: www.awiqcp.org

    • AWI Quality Certification Corporation
      46179 Westlake Drive, Ste 120
      Potomac Falls, VA 20165
      Phone: 800-449-8811
      Email: info@awiqcp.org

Education & Publication FAQ

  • Does AWI offer credentialing? [showhide]
    AWI does not credential individuals or companies. However, here are some other resources that do:

    • The Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) provides certification credentials to woodworking firms. For more information, please visit www.awiqcp.org.

    • The Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) is in the process of providing individual credentialing. For more information, please visit http://woodworkcareer.org/.
  • When will I receive my AIA credits? [showhide]
    If you have submitted a Design Solutions Quiz for AIA credit, or you have attended an AIA presentation, please allow 2-3 weeks for your AIA credit to appear on your transcript. If you have requested a certificate of completion, it will be distributed after the 2-3 week processing.

    To submit a Design Solutions Quiz, please fax it to 571-323-3630 or mail to:
    46179 Westlake Drive, Suite 120
    Potomac Falls, VA 20165
  • When is the next AWI Event? [showhide]
    Click here to view our Calendar of Events.
  • How do I obtain technical assistance for architectural woodwork questions? [showhide]
    • Non-member technical assistance is available by e-mailing your questions to help@awinet.org.

    • Technical assistance by telephone is a member only benefit. If you're a member, please call 571-323-3636.
  • How do I purchase the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS)? [showhide]
    Please visit the AWI Store.
  • Where can I find more information on the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS)? [showhide]
    For more information on the Architectural Woodwork Standards, please click here.
  • How can I find the AWS Errata? [showhide]
    To view the current list of updates to the AWS or access the suggestion form, please visit http://www.aws-errata.com/.
  • What is the AWI Refund Policy? [showhide]
    Click here to view the Refund Policy.