The Architectural Woodwork Standards Quick Start Guide

The AWS is the guide for the specification, construction and installation of interior architectural woodwork. To quickly start using the AWS, observe the explanation of its contents below.

NOTE: Any AWS errors and their corrections will be updated on the AWS Errata Web page on an as needed basis. All users of the AWS are encouraged to check errata prior to beginning the specification of any new project.

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User's Guide
The User's Guide in pages 6 through 9 explains the layout, format and content of the AWS. If you are not familiar with that format, take a few minutes to read pages 8 and 9 to understand how the information will be presented in the various sections.

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Table of Contents
The Table of Contents reveals the particular subject of each AWS Section, to aid the reader in quickly finding the specific information that is desired. There are twelve sections, a glossary and two appendices.

Page Layout
Pages are written using a numerical outline method. This permits rapid navigation within the document and, more importantly, accurate citations of the part of the Standards which apply to a given situation.

Standards Sections
Each section is broken down into four areas:

  1. General: General information on the subject, scope of work, and requirement to the scope in absence of specifications. It includes Basic Considerations and Recommendations to the design professional, Acknowledgments of materials or products that might not be readily known, and Industry Practices that would be applicable in the absence of specifications.
  2. Product: Material, machining, and assembly requirements for Premium, Custom or Economy Grade.
  3. Execution: Installation requirements for each Grade.
  4. Compliance: Tests involved in verifying compliance with the Standards.

Appendix A
Appendix A contains diverse items including conversion tables, guidelines for components, reference sources, glossary and even a guide for testing casework integrity.

Appendix B
Appendix B is your educational source area. Its pages of illustrations and instruction provide a tremendous descriptive resource on the key elements and details of interior architectural woodwork.

Beginning at page 411, the AWS offers 4 MODEL SPECS based on CSI Section 06 41 00. A separate specification is available for:

  • Wood & Laminate Casework
  • Paneling
  • Wood Trim
  • Wood Doors

You will notice throughout the specs the phrase "per the requirements of the AWS" is used. This is because if the correct wording is used in the Quality Assurance section of the spec ("work shall be in accordance with Grade or Grades Specified of the Architectural Woodwork Standards"), it requires the performance of the interior architectural woodwork to meet the specified Grade of the AWS. The AWS has already gone into great detail regarding materials and processes that will be acceptable. There is absolutely no need to list those details, unless something additional is desired.